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"Spiritual balance is the principle that allows the mind to

be still. You cannot expect the world to settle down,

everything to work out, in order for you to be happy. You

have to first balance your inner world"


In English, Equilibrio means balance. In a world full of

technology and constant distractions, it's difficult to stay

balanced. Demands on our attention are nearly

infinite  work, emails, kids, bills – how do you stay

grounded? For many of us the answer is, we don't.


There comes a time when we need to escape our phones,

the hustle and bustle of busy streets, and the stressors

that keep us from feeling at peace – to connect to nature

and more importantly,reconnect to ourselves. To make a

choice to get back in balance.


We want to provide a space where people can rest.

Deeply rest. A place to come home to your own being,

where you can surrender all the woes of life, all the worries

of the future, and simply be in stillness. In the stillness we

find our centre – our true self. In the stillness we find our

balance once again.This is the inspiration for the vision …


Self-Realisation and Self-Expression



  • Tap into the innate knowledge that shows you there is nothing to fear        

  • Recognise your true self as limitless and untouchable

  • See through the illusion that we are a separate body and mind


  • Feel and know ourselves deeply as everything yet no-thing.

  • Accept that there is nothing of permanence we can ever gain or ever lose



  • Practice expressing our personality and the energy of our soul    

  • Celebrate the unique talents we have to share


  • Practice loving one another unconditionally


  • Support each other with compassion


  • Connect with one another on the deepest level


  • Practice having fun, playing, and creating


  • Let go of inhibitions and embrace true freedom




Values of the Centre



  • Live simply and go back to the basics


  • Realise that you don't need much to be happy


  • Recognise that overcomplicating things is a cause


  • of mental suffering


  • Take care of our basic physical requirements


  • Nurture an environment that feeds our innate desire to love, express, and create


Loving Acceptance:

  • Be ok with what is


  • Accept the feeling - however low the low or high the high


  • Embrace the full spectrum of feelings and emotions


  • Kindness, gentleness, and compassion towards ourselves and others


Freedom :

  • Go beyond labels


  • Trust your inner guidance and integrity


  • Express yourself without inhibitions


  • Respect your power and trust the power of others



  • Don't take anything too seriously and have a laugh!


  • Remind each other nothing truly matters so we might as well enjoy the ride


  • Nurture our creative juices and expressive qualities



  • Look within for your source of understanding and knowledge


  • Stay grounded in your power


  • Discern between illusion and reality


  • Be true to your own path


  • Have the strength to say no when something doesn't feel right



Why this is happening

After many years of deeply exploring inward and pushing as

many boundaries as I could, something happened that has

changed my experience forever. You could call it an

“awakening.” At first it was incredibly blissful and

enlightening. Then it was absolutely terrifying. To say it has

been challenging to assimilate this awakening into the"real

world” is an understatement.


It has felt incredibly confusing, isolating, painful and scary.

From theWestern perspective it seemed something wrong

with me. However,when I travelled to the East, I started to

understand that something beautiful was transforming in me.


After many occasions of begging on my knees and praying

for it all to end, a light within me began growing stronger

and stronger. Slowly but surely a vast freedom and an all-

encompassing love has been permeating my experience more and







I wish for this centre to support those who feel isolated,

confused,scared or who just seek some space to go within.

To give them a chance to really rest and take their time

through challenging transitions. What helped me navigate

through the darker times was having space to Simply be. To

let it all go. To be nurtured and loved.

This is what I wish to offer.


We are in a stage of our evolution of consciousness where

experiences similar to Sam's will continue to happening to

many many others and they will be in need of somewhere to

go to feel safe and to better understand the changess that

they are experiencing in themselves. 




Bank Details for Direct Transfer:- Fonte Do Equilibrio

(UK Community Bank Details):

Sort Code:   40-43-25

Account Number:  61491652

Iban: GB57HBUK40432561491652

Bic/Swift:  HBUKGB4



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-Inspire humanity to look within and recognise one's

infinite source of peace, love, freedom and power.


-Inspire humanity to freely express and share one's

unique gifts and talents.


-Recognise one’s ‘inner centre’ and learn to rebalance

the Yin and Yang energies to live in accordance with the

natural flow of life.





Teachers and experts from all over the world are invited

to come and share their talents and gifts. The center will

create a sense of family and community amongst its



Weekly classes are offered on a variety of topics

including qigong, meditation, improv, music, and dance.

The centre features a private space reserved for one-

on-one healing and transformative work, along with two

separate communal spaces dedicated to Yin activities

(group meditations, silent time, sharing circles) and Yang

activities (improv, martial arts, drama).


The centre offers retreats lasting 1-7 days roughly every 2

months, along with immersion stays with longer durations

(up to several months).


Participants are encouraged to get involved with the

maintenance, development, and running of the centre.

This would include gardening, planting, permaculture,

building structures, cooking, making fires, and other

activities as needed.






(All of the below are just a byproduct of realigning with one’s True Self)


  • Navigate through scary and confusing awakening experiences


  • Recover from Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Suicidal despair


  • Release traumatic energy, (recovering from PTSD, ASD, RAD)


  •  Balance your energy centres



  • Regain clarity of mind and clarity of action to align with your Higher Calling


  • Connect with your source of creativity and spontaneity


  • Overcome fears of judgement, failure and rejection


  • Create deep and meaningful connections with others


  • Let go of the victim mindset      




Who the Centre Serves


The centre will support those who feel isolated, confused

and scared. It will be a place for those who are

searching within themselves – to give them a chance to

truly rest. Let us create a space that allows them to take

their time and feel through their transitions and connect

to themselves. What helped me most when navigating the

darker times was having a space to simply be. When we

 can simply be, we regain our balance.




The Uniqueness Of The Centre


Some communities and centres have a serious tone that

forces obligations, restraints, and rituals on the

participants. This centre does not preach any “way” or

“path.” It encourages everyone to find their own wisdom

from within. The emphasis is on being able to enjoy the

journey of self-realisation and self-expression.


Fun, games, and unique expression are encouraged.

People at the centre will not be forced to act a certain

way. Instead, trusting each other, respecting our own

power and the power of others, will be paramount.

Often in centres, there is an emphasis on silence and

going within, but no space for releasing emotions or

having support from others (Osho’s Dynamic Meditation

practice, for instance). Fonte do Equilibrio has

spaces dedicated to both silence and release.




The Part of Nature


The centre is surrounded in a serene sacred environment.

We respect the land like we would our dearest family

members. We plant our own produce in order to live off

the land and the peaceful energy of nature helps deepen

our peace and insight.




Service To Humanity

The dream is for the centre to be supported fully by the

donations and the kindness of others.However while the centre is in its early stages we still incorporate retreats with fixed prices as well as those purely based on donations. . I have witnessed the latter

working in several monasteries and vipassana centres across

the world, and this model resonates most with me and the

mission of the centre.

By offering refuge to those in need, we can have the

greatest impact and can truly be of service. Without the

pressure to make money or sell, we quiet the ego and come

from a place of true giving. This is the the intention of Fonte

Do Equilibrio.


There is so much potential for this SERVICE SPACE.  



Bank Details for Direct Transfer:- Fonte Do Equilibrio

(UK HSBC Bank Details):

Sort Code:   40-43-25

Account Number:  61491652

Iban: GB57HBUK40432561491652

Bic/Swift:  HBUKGB4


(Select 0% fee, or donate extra tip to the GoFundMe Platform, as you wish)




Pedragosa, close to Barao Sao Joao, Algarve



Ways to Help

1. Donate or invest

We have already raised €25,000 toward our goal of

€150,000. Anything you’re able to contribute goes a

long way toward helping someone heal.


2. Share this project with those who have the means

to fund or sponsor

If you would like more information regarding investment

opportunities, or to see the Investor’s Package, please



3. Share this page with those who have previous

experience in the field

Learning from others who have run successful retreat

centres has been a tremendous help thus far. Any further

insights from those in the know would be cherished.


4. Come to Portugal to help build structures, grow

vegetation and run the centre!

Together, our shared energy and commitment is what will

bring this centre to life.


5. Sharing your gift

Currently, the team need help with the following areas:

  • Marketing (social media, email marketing, creating campaigns, creating a website, etc)


  • Filming (creating sharp videos, video editing, etc)



How Your Donation can Help

£10 = Feeds someone at the centre for one day

£20 = Provides food and accomodation for someone for one day

£50 = Helps maintain and grow produce for the centre and its inhabitants

£100 = Allows someone to attend a 4-day retreat

£1000 = Provides and eco-friendly toilet

£2500 = Purchases a yurt that sleeps 6 people

£5000 = Builds a well to provide fresh water for the community


Diagram of Fonte Do Equilibrio.jpg
Fertile land to grow our own produce

Fertile land to grow our own produce


A Final Message From the Fonte Team:


Dear soul,

Thank you for your kind contribution to this heartfelt project.

We are deeply grateful for your support, without which none

of this could happen. Your support helps significantly

towards creating something magical, something meaningful

and something that serves the greater good of the whole



Take a moment to imagine a world where in every town there

is a centre like this.... In every village there is a space for

people to come together as one in the name of love and

connectedness..... In every city there is a school where

children are taught how to prioritise self love, compass

ion and nurturing one's inner creativity..... In every

government there is an understanding of oneness and our

true potential is fully embraced and encouraged to shine....

This is the kind of world that you are helping to create by

supporting such a project. 

A new world, an exciting one, full of light and love!

Wishing you all the love and joy that you deserve on your

journey through this life.


Sam and the Fonte Do Equilibrio Team




Bank Details for Direct Transfer:- Fonte Do Equilibrio

(UK HSBC Community Bank Details):

Sort Code:   40-43-25

Account Number:  61491652

Iban: GB57HBUK40432561491652

Bic/Swift:  HBUKGB4


(Select 0% fee, or donate extra tip to the GoFundMe Platform, as you wish)