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Mershad, from Iran; 1-to-1 Session:

I spent two days with Sam in London as part of his private coaching programme. When I first met him, he immediately put me at ease with his friendly and down-to-earth personality. It almost felt like I knew him for years! During the training he showed me a wide range of mindfulness and relaxation techniques, which I use to this date to deal with day-to-day stresses. More importantly though, he nudged my perspective of daily life by giving me tips and exercises to learn how to accept everything for what they are and go on with my day. He is one of the most free-spirited people I've ever seen in my life. If you are looking for someone to help you break the chains that weigh you down and be free, Sam is the one!

Swetang Joshi, 1-to-1 Session:

Thank you for your guidance this year, I am grateful, it brought me peace.

Gisel, Soul Awakening Retreat:

Mei and Sam's retreats are a powerful, practical and lovely experience. They supported me by working with my past, growing in my present and helped me to trust in my future. It helped me to find 'who I am', to say 'YES' to blocks/resistance and to accept myself. I gained clarity as I was able to feel that my thoughts were creating suffering as opposed to feeling my aliveness in the present moment. I feel thankful and loved. Thank you both for that lovely experience!

Adam, 1-to-1 Session:

Hey my name is Adam and I have been working with Sam for over six months now. I have attended a number of his seminars as well as doing some one-to-one training. Initially, I found trying to answer the question ‘explain the transformation that has been occurring since working together’ very difficult to answer at first. And then it struck me. The way I feel now is totally different to the way I felt a year ago. This is also manifest in my current life situation and the actions I am taking right now. Real change happens bit by bit over a long period of time and Sam’s influence has been key to my personal growth. He has adapted his coaching style over time to match my needs and goals and ultimately help me achieve what I want to in life. For me, as cheesy as it sounds, i think the transformation that has taken place is I am becoming more myself. Each day, I am taking a little bit more control over my life and starting to shape it in a way more inline with my own core values. The support that Sam has provided has been invaluable and I would not be where I am today if it were not for his help. Thank you!

Annette; Social Freedom Workshop:

I would highly recommend the Social Freedom 2 day workshop to any individual wanting to become a much more sociable and confident person. The course is both practical and theory which helps you to overcome the fear of judgement, and rejection. I was able to engage in conversations with strangers by taking action several times, and before the course, that was almost impossible. This course is so much fun, and Sam helps to take you out of your comfort zone, in a safe, encouraging and non-pushy way. My social confidence has increased and yours will too.

Lucy, 1-to-1 Session:

I am so pleased that I find the way to make changes and to improve myself. Many thanks for being working with me and encouraging me! Nothing is impossible! Lets see what will happen on me! Thank you!

Anthony, 1-to-1 Session:

You have taught me what it means to be a man.

Manjit, Inner Clarity Workshop:

Fantastic! Seriously impressed :) This definitely a must for anyone who really wants to get to grips with inner confidence and self esteem. Sam is a great speaker and shows a sense of depth and understanding that is both powerful and inspiring. He should write a book! Lovely group of people and a very friendly atmosphere. Thanks so much for running this course, Sam -it is a real treasure!

Alex; Social Freedom Workshop:

I'd say the weekend was absolutely fantastic, so life changing. I'd never have believed that simply there could be overnight effects even going into Sunday. I thought this social anxiety and approaching people by myself would take months to resolve but it simply was a natural progression following from an intense two day workshop. Thank you so much Sam!

Olly; Retreats, and 1-to-1 Session:

I've been on three of Sams retreats and each one has been transformative, healing and fun. Sam has a way of holding the space and pulling everyone into presence. He knows how to gel a group of different individuals and is always on hand to support everyone with his big loving compassionate heart. I've also done a few one 2 ones with him over Skype and in person, and he has a way of drilling quickly into the heart of issues and allowing for inner clarity and direction to emerge. Thanks Sam you're a great support and a wonderful character, the world needs more Sam Powers that's for sure!

Shamash Alidina - Co-founder of the Museum of Happiness, Author of Mindfulness for Dummies

We’ve been working with Sam since we opened the world’s first Museum of Happiness here in Camden, and his classes have been popular, fun, engaging and even life-changing! He’s got a special talent and we deeply value and are truly grateful for his contribution to our community. Highly recommended!

What Sam’s Clients say: