Fonte Do Equilibrio Retreats

The Centre For Self Realisation + Self Expression


The essence of our retreat is about bringing you into your centre of balance.

From this centre of balance, all the magic in life happens.

  • Action flows with ease

  • The Heart opens easily

  • Limitless Creativity is unlocked

  • Deep Insight and Clarity arises 

  • A Connection with everything is felt

Some of the key elements we explore on the retreat…

The Power of Silence

The Power of the Heart

The Power of Energy


The Power of Service

The Power of Creativity and Play

The Power of Saying Yes

Our retreats mirror the Yogic Philosophy of balancing ones

Jnana Yoga   ( Enlightenment through Wisdom/mind)

Bhakti Yoga     ( Enlightenment through Devotion/heart)

Karma Yoga     ( Enlightenment through Selfless Action)

Kriya Yoga       ( Enlightenment through Energy) 

Some specific activities you will get to taste during our retreats…

Spiritual Inquiry

Heart Sharing



unlocking your Inner Child and Spontaneity 

Connecting with Nature

Energy Healing and alignment

Dance, Music and fun :)

This is for you if…

You sincerely wish to liberate yourself from suffering 

You want to release trauma from your body and mind

You want to feel more centred and less confused

You want to connect deeper to the love inside you, to the source of Love, to share your gifts with the world 

You want to have some fun and create some loving connections :)

This is a video which shows some footage from Sam’s retreats around 2013-2016. The energy of todays retreats have changed. They are more focussed on taking you directly back ‘home’. However it still gives you a flavour of the experience.


Food: Healthy vegetarian, conducive for deeper meditation


Pedragosa, Barao Sao Joao, Algarve, Portugal

About 1 hour drive from Faro airport. 

Spaces available:


Financial Investment:  

No fixed cost. Conscious Contribution. This means we offer our service to you and in return we allow you consciously give back from the heart. Our ability to run

the retreats, provide the food and accommodation relies on your contribution :).

The next scheduled retreats are:

December 5th- 9th

December 30th- Jan 3rd



Then we will send you over a short questionnaire. This will help us to see whether this is the right retreat for you. You will be told shortly after whether your place has been accepted or not.