Soul Awakening Retreats


We are extremely excited to share with you our most treasured program - our 3-day “Soul Awakening Retreats”. Please see below what previous participates reviews.  

Our retreats provide the perfect environment to for people to connect and balance both the yin and the yang energies, give the space to connect deeper yourself, to clear away the cobwebs, let go of stress and worry. You will have the space to express themselves authentically, from the heart without inhibition.

You will also have a chance to deepen your meditation practice and learn to cultivate simplicity and stillness into your everyday life.

Retreat Intentions:

- Increasing awareness to what you currently resist.

- Understanding how to be at ease with the ‘monkey’ mind.

- Understanding the power of surrender,

- Learning how to open your heart to love.

- Enjoying the simplicity of being, without having to achieve, do, know, or solve anything.

- Enhancing your creativity.

- Becoming an energy Alchemist.

- Reclaiming your power.


Activities: Meditations, Yoga, Qigong, Exploring Nature, Singing, Dancing, Cathartic Release, Massage, Heart Sharing, Silence.



Early Bird Ticket £350 (Available up to 1 month before start of retreat)

Deposit: £99 (Details sent to you once you RSVP YES)

Standard price £399.

The next retreat will be on:

- 23-25th February

If this resonates with you, please click here and RSVP YES on the date you are interested in . Then we will send you a short questionnaire to fill out and set up an informal chat over Skype (around 20-30 minutes). This allows us to check that the retreat is the right experience for you and that you are the right attendee for the retreat :). We like to be very thorough when selecting who comes on this experience to ensure the energy of the group is in sync.

The details scheduled will be sent to you at the later stage. However, while there is a structure in place there is a flow allowing for flexibility to suit the mixed energy of the group. Whatever the group needs!

Food: Healthy and home cooked.