Heart Retreat Token ICO

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Heart retreat token (hrt) Specifications:

Total Supply: 200,000

Ticker: HRT

Decimals: 4

Price at Launch: 1HRT = 0.0015 ETH

Launched: June 2018.

Promise: Heart Retreat Token holders will be able to pay for

retreats at Fonte Do Equilibrio and recieve a 50% discount off

the market price. (The Discount will include Retreat

Accommodation, Standard Tuition and Standard Food).

Exchanges, to Buy and Sell HRT:

Fork Delta - HRT

Ether Delta - HRT


Heart Retreat Token (HRT) Ether Contract Address: (Do not send Tokens here):





Welcome and Thank You.

We are proud and excited to launch a cryptocurrency named the Heart Retreat Token (HRT). The idea behind this token is to help fund our purchase and

development of our retreat in Southern Portugal, and at the same time pay back those who support us with a generous discount (50%) on future retreats

at our centre.

It should come as no surprise that the talented hard working youth of the world are struggling to financially fullfill their goals. Working out of the UK,

Sam Power has been hosting retreats for the past 6 years. He has also held 1000's of workshops and evening classes, as well as helping people one to

one, in person and over Skype. Sam and his team of like minded individuals have now set their sights on purchasing some land in South Western

Portugal and creating a beautiful peaceful and welcoming retreat centre. Participants are welcomed from all over the world and can participate in

Meditation, Yoga, Chi Gong, Emotional Release, Energetic Healing, and other Creative and Spiritual pursuits.


Costs: One of the main reasons we are building our centre in Portugal is because the land and other expenses are far cheaper than the UK. We are

estimating the budget for the land to be around €100,000 and we have almost raised half of that sum. Once the land has been finalised and purchased,

we will build structures and infrastructure and will welcome all those willing to lend a hand to help. Feel free to contact us now and join the team or

register your interest.


Why Support us with your purchase of HRT?

As you can see the HRT is not a get rich quick scheme, rather it is a way for generous heart felt supporters to contribute to a project which will have

benefits in the larger community. We all know personally or have friends or family who have experienced traumatic times, whether that be anxieties and

depression, emotional despair, grief, sadness, or physical pains. During these periods people need deep support and heart connection. The retreat

centre we are building at Fonte Do Equilibrio ('The Fountain of Balance'), is just such a place - it is a space where all can come and sit in peace or share

with other empathic souls.


Money is a fickle thing. There are those on this planet with vast unimaginable fortunes. They have so much money they don't know what to do with it and

waste and spend it on ridiculous things. We went to a local hotel here in Portugal to use their wifi recently and the manager told us a story about one of

their clients who ordered a Cheesecake from New York to be flown in a private jet and delivered to the hotel in Portugal, the cost was $100,000. For a

cheescake. It beggars belief. We smiled of course and took it as a sign from the Universe that anything is possible and that there are those out there

whom might be found to support this important project. So please spread the word and help us find donators either whom want to participate in this

crypto ico or whom are happy to donate directly through our donation page.


Cryptocurrency was born out of the disenfranchised people of this world, who grumbled at the archane banking system and wastful governments. Thanks

to the dawn of the internet and the freeflow assimilation of information amongst our societies globally, many of us have learnt the truth about money

creation and our debt system. We salute those that pressed for change and decided to take it upon themselves to find a solution. Cryptocurrency is at

the forefront of this wave of change and we thank you for your interest.


That said most of us work hard to feed ourselves and so we wanted to incentivise token holders and contributors. That is why Sam has stated he will

honour all HRT holders and provide them with 50% discount on all future retreats at the centre. The Centre will be providing paid retreats of intermittent

lengths 3-day, 5-day, 7-day. The cost of such retreats we are estimating at around €100 per day, which would include all tuition, food and

accommodation. Holders of HRT can pay in the Token and recieve the discount. We are estimating purchasing and finalising the land over the next 3-6

months, and retreats will begin 3-6 months after the land deal has been finalised.

Thank you so much for your time and support.