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  • Museum of Happiness Arlington House 220 Arlington Road, NW1 7HE London (map)

In the collaboration with the museum of happiness!....

The purpose of this class is to combing the yin and the yang energies to deepen your connection to your true nature.

Qigong movements: ( Roughly 40 minutes)

- These series of movements have a fluid and gentle feel to them. It is very similar to Tai Chi. There are similarities with types of Yoga, however in Qigong we won’t be holding postures in a static position for long. The essence is more of a fluid movement and finding your own balance.

- It helps to calm and centre the mind.

- To tune into your different energy centres and re-balance them.

- To release tension from the body.

Meditation: ( Roughly 20 minutes)

- After the Qigong movements we will move into a more ‘yin’ phase and come into our stillness.

- There will be some guidance and then for the most part we will invite total silence.

- This period of stillness and silence will help integrate the movements of the previous Qigong practices.

Heart to Heart Sharing:

- After we gentle come out of our meditative state we have the beautiful opportunity to share our experience with one another and raise any questions we may.

- An opportunity to connect deeper with others.

- There is no obligation to share anything , maintaining silence is just as welcome

Investment: 8 pound. You can pay on the door.

Class Structure:

6:45pm - Arrivals

7:00pm - 8.30pm Class

8:30pm + opportunity to socialise

Please arrive on time as it helps the whole energy of the group!

Earlier Event: January 12
Later Event: January 20