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  • West Brompton London (map)


Do you want to stop feeling stressed, anxious, confused, alone and overwhelmed? 

Are you looking for some peace and refuge, away from your hectic lifestyle

Become aware of your blind spots that are currently holding you back.

Feel inspired to create the life you truly desire and share your heart with the world!

We will build on what we cover in our improv and meditation classes, but deepen the experience.

You will have the chance to ask any questions, to share and connect deeper with others.

During the retreat we will explore some of these themes: Increasing Awareness to What You Currently Resist, The Power of Surrender, How to Open Your Heart to Love, Becoming an Energy Alchemist, Nature of Mind, Nature of Consciousness, Nature of Suffering, Reclaiming Your Power, Enhancing Your Creativity.

- 90 pound

Space limited to 7 people

If you want to secure a place send me a message at

We will then send you a short questionnaire to fill out and set up an informal chat over Skype (around 20-30 minutes). This allows us to check that the retreat is the right experience for you and that you are the right attendee for the retreat :). We like to be very thorough when selecting who comes on this experience to ensure the

This is a perfect chance to start or deepen a self-exploration for those of you who canā€™t commit financially or time wise to a long retreat.