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Core aims of the 1 Day Training

Let go of the fear of judgement and rejection!

Get comfortable expressing your true self with whoever!

Have a lot of fun!

Spread some joy and love with the world!



Some topics I can take you through practically

• Knowing your intentions  
• Energy alchemy  
• Overcoming fear  
• Fear of silence  
• Developing Presence Power  
• Verbalisation vs Internalisation  
• Self- Amusement  
• Emotional/Playful vs Logical Mindset  
• Vulnerability  
• Conviction/ Consistency  
• Being Present/ aware of real life offers


99 pound

Duration + Location

12- 5pm (with lunch break 30 mins), meet at Royal Festival Hall, London Waterloo, Green Bar, 4th floor.

Limited Spaces

To give you the best experience and for me to be able to focus on each person we limit this event to 4 people. This means I will accept the first 4 people who want to take part.


Here is a short video of the Social Freedom Workshop ' Teaser' that I've been running in London since 2012.

See you all soon I hope!

Keep laughing!

To secure your place send a message to