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MINDFUL IMPROV CLASS - Unleash Your Inner Creativity And Let Go Of Inhibitions!

  • Museum of Happiness Arlington House 220 Arlington Road, NW1 7HE London (map)

In the collaboration with the museum of happiness!....

This Improv class is for you if you:

• Want to give permission to your 'inner child' to come and play!

• Want to have LOTS of fun and laughter!

• Want to free yourself of expectations and the pressure of societal 'norms'

• Want to feel empowered to express yourself in anyway with anyone and everyone!

Overall fears of failure and being judged do not run through the minds of a child, in this class we want to introduce you to a range of exercises which will allow you to do so.

About Improv

Most of us have been strongly conditioned to 'play it safe' as we 'carefully trudge through everyday life. We have been conditioned to believe our own self talk about FEAR. This results in a closing down of emotions and lack of inner security and confidence.


In the outside world this means you may have problems maintaining relationships, struggle to open up to others, have trouble accepting yourself as you are and life can generally be quite a restricted and stressful business! The good news is, YOU have the ability to change all that.

To unlearn the negative conditioning in your mind that keeps your true self cadged in a prison and LET YOURSELF GO. One practical way to let inner tension go, to improve your creativity, to exercise your spontaneity and generally have loads of fun is through improvisation.

To put it simple there are two parts to us Self 1 and Self 2:

- Self 1 is that voice that tries to control, judge and stop you expressing Joy, Freedom, Peace and Love, everything you want on a deeper level. Our aim is to bring awareness to the Self 1 and to remove negative thinking and encourage to move to Self 2.

- Self 2 is when you are not censoring yourself, you are in the moment, and you are real like when you are with your closet friends or your family, just like a 5 year old child, we all have this in us, it is real and authentic to you. Our aim is to bring this out of you more so you can bring more of the real you into your everyday life going forward.

Overall the skills you will develop will allow you to show more of Self 2: a confident and relaxed version of yourself in your every day, which can lead to you having better relationships and lifestyle and greater success in your career. Many people wear masks and aren't their authentic self, you can only ever be yourself and we want to be able to best get that out of you.

At these improvisation classes you don't need to have had any experience before. You will be taken through some easy exercises to help unlock your spontaneity. There will be an array of exercises every week involving pair work, group work, music, dance + whatever else crops up!

Sam on Improv and the Community: "I've done the improv classes for years and never is one the same as the next, different themes to explore with so much to learn and the more you come the more your will progress. With a great sense of community in these classes, you may not attend every week, however you will feel comfortable enough to keep coming back to make friends and grow together with other individuals."

Investment: 8 pound. You can pay on the door. 

Improv Class Structure:

6:45pm - Arrivals

7:00pm - 8.30pm Workshop

8:30pm + opportunity to socialise

Please arrive on time as it helps the whole energy of the group!

Earlier Event: January 20
Later Event: January 27