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My mission is to inspire FREEDOM. I want to help you to awaken within you your deepest truth. To help you see that you are truly limitless and untouchable with so much LOVE to share! 


I want to remind you that you are FREE! You are untouchable and limitless right here, right now.

You are it. You are everything. Everything you're seeking on the ‘outside’ is already ‘ within’. You may have read this sort of thing a ton of times in books, I'm interested in you experiencing it as your truth.

Tasting the reality where there really are no limits. Where life is no longer a struggle, trying to get somewhere, trying to be someone, trying to solve something, but instead a gift that you become more and more grateful for.

Life can be fun! Life can be joyous. It doesn't have to be serious. 

I want to show you how all your suffering is unnecessary and that there is way (which may seem too good to be true) where you need never suffer ever again. This doesn't mean there are not challenges or opportunities for growth, but the personal pain of suffering is gone!



  Sam delivering a workshop in London 2015

Sam delivering a workshop in London 2015


What does Sam Do?

- Sam helps you to ultimately feel calmer, more centred at peace with yourself.

- He helps you to feel more love, kindness and joy.

- He helps you to feel free and uninhibited to express your ‘true self’.

All this means that you start to operate with a clearer mind, so you make better decisions.You communicate with others in a more loving way,developing more meaningful relationships, allowing your creativity to shine and do the things in life that really matter to you.

Like every single human being, Sam has within a source of ‘light’ that knows no limit and and its core desire is simply to love. All Sam ‘ does’ is just surrender to this and let it transmit itself to you, which activates your own ‘light’ (which is exactly the same ‘light’ in Sam).

So its nothing personal and completely accessible to everyone in equal measure. The only difference may be the perceived blocks (to life) which take form as beliefs in the mind and as feelings in the body :).

Sam helps you to ‘clear the channel’ to allow your natural light to flow through, by helping you to become more aware of what beliefs and feelings you are holding onto that block your own light and love from shining. Once you become aware, then the knots start to untie themselves.


  The end of a transformational ' Soul Awakening Retreat' in 2017

The end of a transformational ' Soul Awakening Retreat' in 2017



The illusion of fear and separation is very compelling one. I know it well. I experienced years of panic, depression and suicidal despair. However thanks to these experiences I now can help others to navigate their way out of the ‘darkness’ , back to their ‘essence of light’.

Once you truly free yourself from your own chains, you are able to freely express the love that you are in the world. You are free to do the things in life that excite you. You are free to create the relationships you want with others.

So if you're ready to let go and embrace who you really are, to be seen and shine your light into the world then get in contact and let's work together!






'He helps you live life the effortlessly way!’

‘Samuel Power’ is a beautiful expression of life, just like you. He has always had something of a leader within. A knowing that one of his gifts is to inspire others to empower and free themselves.

He has gone deep into the understanding of what it means to be a human being, dedicated many years to find his truth. His strong desire for self-liberation has taken him to extremely dark states of being in order to truly rise up like the phoenix and lead with experience and conviction. He knows the game of suffering, depression and fear very well and has learnt in great depth how to bring others out of these states, ultimately back into ‘light’. 

• International Speaker; delivered coaching, seminars, workshops and retreats worldwide (UK, France, Australia, Nepal)

•  Lived and learned from Yogis in Sri Lanka, India and Nepal

• Master EFT Practitioner 

• Reiki Healer

• Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher (Trained with Osho Divine in Nepal)

• Qigong Teacher 

• Vipassana Practitioner

• Training in Coaching and Hypnosis 

• Improvisation Teacher 

• CAPD Presenter

•Worked as a Coach, Speaker and Healer in Platinum Mind University, Your Charisma Coach, The Happy World Company and Transcend The Mind.



  Sam Leading a Meditation Class in 2016

Sam Leading a Meditation Class in 2016

How does he do what he does?

By transmitting his presence to you… you start to pick up the vibration of peace and love.

This ‘energy’ that you start to absorb then helps you to tap into your own wisdom, your own peace, your own love.

It is a transmission of energy that opens you up to a more expansive way of viewing yourself and the world.

Meditation/ Yogic/ Taoist/ EFT/ Reiki/ Coaching techniques may be used as a medium to access your own wisdom and clarity. 

Sam is most interested in you becoming your own ‘guru’, your own ‘ teacher’ , your own ‘guide’ so you come to realise experientially ( not just intellectually) that you have all the answers right here and now :) and don't need to rely on anyone for your own source of wisdom!