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Who is Sam Power?

Realise Your Innate Freedom

Share Your Heart With The World

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My mission is to inspire FREEDOM. I want to help you to awaken within you your deepest truth.

To help you see that you are truly limitless and untouchable with so much LOVE to share! 

I want to remind you that you are FREE! You are untouchable and limitless right here, right now.

You are it. You are everything. Everything you're seeking on the ‘outside’ is already ‘within’. You may have read this sort of thing a ton of times in books, but I'm interested in you experiencing it as your truth.

Tasting the reality where there really are no limits. Where life is no longer a struggle, trying to get somewhere, trying to be someone, trying to solve something, but instead a gift that you become more and more grateful for. Life can be fun! Life can be joyous. It doesn't have to be serious. 

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What Sam Offers

Kundalini Yoga, Qigong, Meditation + Improvisation

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Awaken The Soul

Balance Your Yin and Yang

Awake Your True Freedom!

Reconnect With Your Souls Purpose 

1-to-1 DEEP WORK
Spiritual Guidance, Reiki Master, Trauma Recovery, Empowerment Work


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